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People Transport Services

Millions of Americans are considered to be “transportation disadvantaged,” because they cannot provide or purchase their own transportation. As a result, this population—which is disproportionately elderly, poor, mobility-impaired, minority, or some combination of these—depends on others to access employment, education, shopping, and healthcare.

Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) report
  • GMAT offers a full range of non-emergency transport services designed to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Timely, reliable, measurable and efficient non- emergency transportation enables our customers to continue to improve passenger access and flow while realizing substantial cost savings.

G&M Automotive Transport Provides Mobility Services for the Elderly and Transportation Disadvantaged

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  • G&M Automotive Transport takes pride in providing on time elderly transport to and from non-emergency scheduled appointments. With a fleet of transport vehicles, our demonstrated ability to provide diverse non-emergency passenger transport options and our team of highly qualified passenger-care attendants, GMAT is a leader in the industry.
  • The goal of GMAT is to consistently deliver, to all of our customers especially our elderly and transportation disadvantaged, high quality, cost-effective savings, on time innovative transport solutions. We accomplish this by:
    • Improving passenger flow and access through the provision of reliable non- emergency passenger transport services
    • Reducing the cost of non-emergency passenger transport by offering various modes of transport
    • Transporting passengers in a timely and professional manner
    • Offering 24 hour support through the Operations Center

 Mobility Marketplace Community

Managed Healthcare

reliable transportation is extremely important

We understand what it takes to provide care for patients with behavioral health illnesses. We are partnering with human service organizations, mental health facilities, and private hospitals to provide secure patient transport solutions.

Mental Wellness

significant impact on healthcare outcomes

Having access to dependable transportation is an important social factor that affects a person’s daily life, including health. There has been a growing movement to develop community-based solutions to support patients’ transportation needs.


bridge between business strategy

Arranging transportation for patients can make a big difference in retention. Increasingly, research sites are partnering with private transport services such as GM Automotive Transport to coordinate rides to scheduled medical appointments.

Health and Mobility

encourages innovation and flexibility

Mobility management can be broadly defined as creating and managing mobility options, at both the systemic and system-to-customer levels, to improve the reach, efficiency, and affordability of public transportation services

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Collaborative Cloud Communication

Creating and managing a Digital Portal (d-portal). Along with development, creative analytics, dashboard business intelligence (BI), social- media-marketing (SMM) strategies, intelligent automation (IA) to developing artificial intelligent (AI) data management, marketplace participant connectivity, e-commerce solutions and collaboration support.

Mobility Marketplace Networks

  • The global marketplace is competitive and you need a company to help you eclipse your competitors. Every company has some sort of go-to-market statement, value-add proposition and unique selling point. Our work gets results and also wins awards.

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  • We work with our clients on their marketing, branding, application design development, creative designs, and e-portal design projects. We help launch, manage, and grow brand awareness with vision and creativity.

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  • The GM Automotive Transport's leadership team brings 1o+ years of mobility expertise in building, deploying mobility marketplace networks and defining exceptional passenger service to our customers’ needs, focusing on every aspect of a customer’s unique personal mobility experience.

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