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About us

  • At GM Automotive Transport, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled non-emergency medical transport services tailored specifically for veterans and their families. With a deep-rooted commitment to excellence and a profound respect for those who have served our country, we strive to ensure that our clients receive the highest standard of care and comfort during their transportation journeys.

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  Our Mobility Management Marketplace Network (M3N)

  Mobility-as-a-Service collaborative solutions for today's business challenges

  • Providing an innovative approach to on-demand mobility management. Designing and delivering passenger coordination along with transportation services that encompasses the entire customer experience from start to finish. Founded in 2007, G&M Automotive Transport quickly distinguished themselves as one the fastest growing medical coordination | logistics provider in the field of non-emergency medical transportation.
Mobility Marketplace
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Marketplace Participants

  Join the marketplace as a Mobility Transport Planner (MTP)

  • GM Automotive Transport has built and deployed an online multi-business multi-collaborative mobility management marketplace that assists in bringing about a connected community of cloud-based technologies, solutions and applications the will keep people safe, secure and production.

Mobility Marketplace

GM Automotive Transport Mobility Fleet

   Join the marketplace as a Mobility Service Provider (MSP)

  • GM Automotive Transport wants to implement an on-demand mobility management strategy to extend beyond connecting marketplace users (customers), marketplace participants (providers) and metro service providers to create a Subscription Business Model digital platform that delivers a end-to-end complete user experience as the offering or service.

Provider Marketplace

GM Automotive Transport Mobility Fleet

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   Our Mission

   Providing game-changing cloud-based mobility management solutions

  • At GM Automotive Transport, our mission is to serve veterans and their families with the highest level of care, compassion, and reliability in non-emergency medical transportation. We are driven by a profound sense of duty and respect for those who have served our nation, and we are committed to ensuring that every journey with us is safe, comfortable, and stress-free.

  • One-Call/One-Click platform eco-system
    • Business Model GMAT is currently working with industry-leading solution providers, to build a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform that delivers a collaborative digital marketplace that allows users to plan, book, and pay for multiple modals of mobility services. With an increasing focus on the adoption of a user-centric approach for mobility services.
  • Collaborative Marketplaces
    • Collaborative Marketplace G&M Automotive Transport’s marketing strategy rests on the belief that its offerings and services represent a value-added approach to interpreting, qualifying, and understanding the complexities of the mobility management marketplace networking, subscription business model, technology, and mobile application markets.
  • Social Media Communication
    • Social Media Communication is about more than marketing and branding — it's about developing proper branding and positioning of your company in the cloud. In addition to using social platforms to monitor conversations about your industry, competitors, and products, we provide analytics that allow you to reach out to your customers via the social Web to communicate messages about what they prefer. It is a fact, social media is transforming the way organizations communicate — align and execute across all social media platforms for unique value propositions.

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  Join the Mobility Management Marketplace Network! (M3N)

  • G&M Automotive Transport (GMAT) is a Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) mobility management company that delivers transportation services that starts and ends with the customer. GM Automotive Transport would like to invite you to join us in providing a connected cloud marketplace network of services, technologies, applications and solutions that help keeps people safe, secure and productive.

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  Mobility marketplaces to join

  • NEM Transportation Providers
  • Paratransit Providers
  • Managed Healthcare Partners

Personalized mobility management scheduling, location solutions and device-driven apps for moving people forward.


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Multi-business Multi-collaborative mobility management marketplace.


Strategic relationships with users and marketplace participants.


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Collaborative Cloud Communication

Creating and managing a Digital Portal (d-portal). Along with development, creative analytics, dashboard business intelligence (BI), social- media-marketing (SMM) strategies, intelligent automation (IA) to developing artificial intelligent (AI) data management, marketplace participant connectivity, e-commerce solutions and collaboration support.

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    The global marketplace is competitive and you need a company to help you eclipse your competitors. Every company has some sort of go-to-market statement, value-add proposition and unique selling point. Our work gets results and also wins awards.

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    We work with our clients on their marketing, branding, application design development, creative designs, and e-portal design projects. We help launch, manage, and grow brand awareness with vision and creativity.

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    The GM Automative Transport's leadership team brings 3o+ years of creative expertise in building, deploying digital marketplace networks and implementing to our clients’ brands, focusing on every aspect of a company’s personality and identity.

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