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Optimizing the Mobility Community

  Knowing our Diverse community participants.

  • Millions of Americans are considered to be “transportation disadvantaged,” because they cannot provide or purchase their own transportation. As a result, this population—which is disproportionately elderly, poor, mobility-impaired, minority, or some combination of these—depends on others to access employment, education, shopping, and healthcare. Because they depend on others for transportation, the persons in this population have reduced access to healthcare services, and this places them at risk for poor health outcomes.
  • The lack of affordable passenger transport for those in communities under severed is well documented. One-Call/One-Click systems increase access to transportation information and services, potentially transforming the user experience from one characterized by confusion and frustration to a relatively effortless experience. In addition, they can make the transportation system more inclusive and equitable by incorporating information for user groups, such as those with a disability, older adults, and others with mobility considerations.

  Connecting our insights with measurable results.

  • G&M Automotive Transport has ambitious and obtainable keys to success. The first is the development of a two-sided multi-business multi-collaborative digital marketplace network (DMN). This interconnected Collaborative Subscription Business Model platform will be G&M Automotive Transport's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that ensures a seamless collaborative effort of their business activities.
  • Our second key is the formation of strategic relationships with marketplace users (customers) and networked marketplace participants (providers). The interconnected relationships with users and marketplace participants will allow G&M Automotive Transport to quickly grow their metro service provider community who can offer value-added applications and solutions on top of the digital marketplace network.
  • Our third key is delivering an optimized ecosystem. By assembling a high volume of networked marketplace participants, these companies can increase the relevance of their own digital platforms. Alliances with metro service providers will be formed since the actual cost of doing business on the marketplace network is their largest cost driver. For G&M Automotive Transport DMN to operate, considering digital marketplace growth and areas yet untapped by this flourishing ecosphere, business partners can leverage the marketplace model and build their own unique solutions.

  Making the Mobility Management Marketplace Network (M3N) work for you.

  • Veteran Marketplace
    • There are approximately 23 million veterans of military service in the United States today. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides a comprehensive system of services to our veterans. G&M Automative Transport Inc. (GMAT) is a leading service provider for private non-emergency disabled veteran transportation.
  • People Marketplace
    • G&M Automative Transport plays a vital role in the lives of veterans, elderly and the transportation disadvantaged community in the Greater Miami Valley Region as evidenced by our 96.8% approval rating from the Dayton VA Medical Center and our clients in 2022. The area accounts for 40,254 veterans, 498,573 outpatient visits in 2017, and their families and 191,912 seniors and disabled people. The Greater Miami Valley service area has a rapidly growing veteran and elderly population.
  • Mobility Marketplace
    • Businesses and customers alike seek convenience and a reliable environment where they can confirm eligibility for and book trips; and pay for trips, and that’s what our digital marketplace network can deliver. The marketplace platform will adapt to practically any situation and address any need. G&M Automotive Transport’s Digital Marketplace Network has great potential and is of interest to marketplace participants who are looking for ways to collaborate and partner with other liked community services through multiple channels.
  • Collaborative Cloud Marketplace
    • The digital connectivity of the marketplace network offers an e- commerce portal providing an efficient integrated module solutions catering to the specific need of our users, marketplace participants and metro service providers. The goal of changing the current business model and providing new revenue and value- added opportunities — is the process of moving to a community of interest on a digital marketplace network.
  • Informational Analytics
    • Using Google Analytics helps our marketing strategist know our clients audience, find their best content, and optimize ad inventory. Google's real-time reports show what’s happening in their web portal right now so they can make adjustments fast.
  • Predictive Management
    • Enjoy a platform built for large enterprises. Big data can come with big challenges — slowing down productivity and stalling workflows. But with Google Analytics we can assist our clients to keep things quick, flexible, and programmatic.

  Mobility Marketplace Community

Managed Healthcare

reliable transportation is extremely important

We understand what it takes to provide care for patients with behavioral health illnesses. We are partnering with human service organizations, mental health facilities, and private hospitals to provide secure patient transport solutions.

Mental Wellness

significant impact on healthcare outcomes

Having access to dependable transportation is an important social factor that affects a person’s daily life, including health. There has been a growing movement to develop community-based solutions to support patients’ transportation needs.


bridge between business strategy

Arranging transportation for patients can make a big difference in retention. Increasingly, research sites are partnering with private transport services such as GM Automotive Transport to coordinate rides to scheduled medical appointments.

Health and Mobility

encourages innovation and flexibility

Mobility management can be broadly defined as creating and managing mobility options, at both the systemic and system-to-customer levels, to improve the reach, efficiency, and affordability of public transportation services

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Collaborative Cloud Communication

Creating and managing a Digital Portal (d-portal). Along with development, creative analytics, dashboard business intelligence (BI), social- media-marketing (SMM) strategies, intelligent automation (IA) to developing artificial intelligent (AI) data management, marketplace participant connectivity, e-commerce solutions and collaboration support.

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