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SimpliGO Personal Metro Planner Multi-Business Multi-Collaborative Digital Marketplace Network

  • A personal travel assistance tool that helps you make the most out of your stay in a particular location. The app will offer instant information about local attractions, and suggest food and entertainment. Also acts like your personal travel agents, suggest trips based on your previous choices, help you book flights to other destinations |read more
  • Taking a cue from the social media and digital channels, the hospitality providers must act to surpass and delight their customers’ every time they walk in. Built for hospitality providers, the app enhances the customer experience by automating functions like front desk check-out and check-in, requesting room service and controlling the room environment, ordering food and drinks, managing transfers. |read more
Business Conferences
  • Business Conference Planners have a challenging job. Not only do they have to be able to multitask they also have to deal with a never-ending stream of requests. How quickly one can respond to requests depends to a large degree on how quickly they can access accurate event information. Providing real-time data is a critical element to success for business conference planners and business event organizers. |read more
Effecient Scheduling
  • Personal assistant mobile apps can be very useful tools for each individual, don’t fall into the trap: there are some things that they can not do. Mobile applications should not substitute human’s work not concierge’s work either. Combing technology and business methodologies to improve the productivity of the executive's schdule. |read more
Personal Intelligent Assistance
  • Business executives and owners need to be aware of specific information such as directions, retail prices, weather conditions, traffic news of specific locations and other kinds of information that impact their businesses to make informed decisions. Some automated personal assistants can perform concierge type tasks or provide information based on voice input or commands. |read more
Corporate Black Car
  • When you are in town for a business trip, it is our responsibility to treat you with the best vehicular hospitality that the city has to offer. From picking you up and dropping you with our airport car service in Dallas to taking you around for all your corporate meetings, events, and functions in between. |read more
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SimpliGO Personal Metro Planner Digital Marketplace Network focuses on 'all-access' subscriptions for metro concierge planning.
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Travel Market Share $700 billion

SimpliGO Personal Metro Planner Multi-Business Multi-Collaborative Digital Marketplace Network for 'all-access' subscriptions for metro travelers

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