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  • A One-Call/One-Click marketplace optimizes access to mobility information and services, potentially transforming the user experience from being frustrating and confusing to one that is a seamless and effortless experience. The end-goal is to make the mobility marketplace more inclusive for a diverse group of users such as those with a disability, older adults, and others with mobility considerations
Sep 22

Dashboard vMobility2GO a One-Call/One-Click Mobility Management Marketplace Network

  • Dashboard Device-Driven Apps for vMobility2GO Mobility Management Planner | vMobility2GO Collaborative Marketplace is re-defining the way people are moving.

Imagine being able to plan and implement travel within a single mobility marketplace or seamlessly book a trip across multiple integrated networks.

  • For people with mobility challenges such as disabilities, older adults, and veterans, we can transform the user experience of mobility by making transport event planning as easy as searching directions on interactive Maps and by making paying for a booking as easy as tapping an automated express checkout on a e-commerce web portal. Unfortunately, we know planning and paying for a door-to-door service like personal, paratransit or a community shuttle isn't that easy today.

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 vMobility2GO Mobility Management Marketplace Network (M3N) Planner Vision

  • The design and development of the online Mobility Management Marketplace Network (M3N) remains visually consistent with the mobile devices and matches the branded physical environments. Marketplace users can on-board or engage the same way through the marketplace business physical place, web portal, and mobile devices. Regardless of the marketplace users’ geographical location or time. Mobility Management Awareness (MMA) or Mobility Management Strategies (MMS) is the integration of communal elements and events with respect to scheduling or booking, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their transport provider's available status. The movement towards Mobility Management Awareness (MMA) is fueled by a myriad of intelligent automated (IA) artificial intelligence (AI) smart technology for Mobility Management Planners (MMP) and Transport Service Providers (TSP).

 vMobility2GO Mobility Management Marketplace Network (M3N) Planner Benefits

  • The Mobility Management Marketplace Network (M3N) is designed to focus on planning services and solutions for various user groups booking a trip. This process can be used to reduce frustration and confusion when planning  a multiple stop, non-emergency transport or personal trip, to mitigate the impacts of a missed or delayed scheduled appointments. Scheduled transport, private personal transport and non-emergency medical transport services are vital for many nationwide. 
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