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G&M Automotive Transport was established to deliver reliable, on-time, quality non-emergency transport services to those who are in need of assisted transportation. G&M Automotive Transport is dedicated to serving our customers with professional transportation that fills the gap between personal and public transportation. G&M Automotive Transport will provide the most dependable transportation of the highest quality and value with direct focus on meeting the needs of our customers and will respond to customers with promptness, sensitivity and always with integrity.

Wheelchair Vans, Mini Vans and
Private Automobiles

G&M Automotive Transport have had the opportunity to purchase many different types of vehicles and assess the safety and comfort of each one. We purchase vehicles equipped with touring packages, heated passenger seats, DVD/Video screens for patient and passenger, and seats for a family member to ride next to the patient. Each vehicle is equipped for the patient to ride comfortably.

All G&M Automotive Transport vehicles follow strict preventative maintenance guidelines and are serviced by the certified mechianics, not by us. This assures that all safety and mechanical work is done by factory trained technicians using recommended parts. In addition, this allows a third party to keep impeccable maintenance records on file showing all work recommended and performed on our fleet.

The vehicles are equipped with wireless phone, data communications that are linked to a GPS device that we can track and locate at any
given time.

Our transport services are available for any in the North Texas Dallas Metroplex area seeking to on time, reliable, and affordable private transportation services. GMAT offers a full range of non-emergency transport services designed to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Timely, reliable, measurable and efficient non-emergency transportation enables our customers to continue to improve patient access and flow while realizing substantial cost savings.


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PHP Transport Map Viewer can assist small business service providers in locating and getting directions their next scheduled appointment.



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Our Technology

G&M Automotive Transport's focus is on providing a Paratransit solution that monitors real-time performance and gives dispatchers and mobility manager’s tools to take make decisions in real time.

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Using PHP Transport's dynamic scheduling solution, powered by Magenta Technology, GMAT's Paratransit Mobility Managers are able to achieve the following results:

  • Improved the maintenance effort required to track and monitor Paratransit transportation
  • Provided visualization Gantt charts to optimize unexpected schedule changes
  • Increased Paratransit vehicle utilization

GMAT is able to achieved extraordinary real-time visibility, improved insight, and real-time dynamic scheduling solutions, providing GMAT a tremendous return on investment (ROI) such as:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Preserve capital investments
  • Maximize revenue & production
  • Increase output
  • Decrease waste

PHP Transport offers the most flexible dynamic appointment scheduling solution for mobility asset managers. PHP Transport solutions have the ability to schedule, track and monitor your assets in real time, to ensure people are safe, secure and productive.


GMAT Customer Care


G&M Automotive Transport is dedicated to serving our customers through professional transportation that fills the gap between personal and public transportation.

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Rewarding talent and dedication

G&M Automotive Transport realizes that hard work needs to be recognized and rewarded. We show our appreciation by offering competitive compensation and a complete benefits package with options to customize a plan so that it is best suited for each individual.

current job opportunities

Regardless of the service that you choose, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance which exceeds state requirements
  • Certified trained personnel to insure the safe and proper transfer of patients with various medical history
  • Staff who understand the necessity of maintaining patient confidentiality (HIPPA)
  • Drivers attend annual National Safety Council defensive drivers training
  • Professional and polite personnel with picture identification
  • All vehicles have tracking devices linked to our command center via GPS
  • All vehicles are part of a comprehensive maintenance plan
  • Continuous maintenance and support of patients on oxygen
  • The assurance that we arrive on time, every time

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