GMAT Approved Carrier Services for the Department of Defense (DoD) Scheduled Passengers

G&M Automotive Transport (GMAT) an approved DoD carrier is available for all DoD travelers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. GMAT provides friendly and professional staff drivers that ensure that our DoD passengers travel in a comfortable, safe, and dignified manner. With a fleet of transport vehicles, our demonstrated ability to provide diverse passenger transport options and our team of highly qualified drivers, GMAT is a leader in the industry.

Schedule DoD Transportation

Our Goal for Transporting the DoD
Scheduled Passengers

The goal of GMAT is to consistently deliver, to all of our customers especially our DoD passengers, high quality, cost-effective savings, on time innovative transport solutions. We accomplish this by:

  • Making DoD passenger transportation simple,
    relevant, and flexible
  • Provide safe vehicles that consistently meet
    DoD-prescribed standards of service.
  • Employing the best people
  • Focusing on industry-best practice patient care
  • Constantly measuring and improving our performance

GMAT provides all of North Texas and the Dallas Metroplex area with appointment scheduled passenger transport. With DoD passenger care and safety of the highest priority, we pursue continuous improvement in the way we manage and operate our business.

GMAT supports our DoD passengers by:

  • Improving passenger flow and access through the provision of reliable DoD passenger transport services
  • Optimizing the cost of DoD passenger transport by offering various modes of transportation
  • Transporting DoD passengers in a timely and professional manner
  • Offering 24 hour support through the Operations Center

Our DoD passenger services are available for any in the North Texas Dallas Metroplex area seeking on time, reliable, and affordable private transportation services. GMAT offers a full range of DoD passenger transport services designed to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Timely, reliable, measurable and efficient non-emergency transportation enables our customers to continue to improve patient access and flow while realizing substantial cost savings.

To find out how G&M Automotive Transport can benefit your organization, call our Business Development Manager at (972) 223-2006.

GMAT Customer Care


G&M Automotive Transport is dedicated to serving our customers through professional transportation that fills the gap between personal and public transportation.


Rewarding talent and dedication

G&M Automotive Transport realizes that hard work needs to be recognized and rewarded. We show our appreciation by offering competitive compensation and a complete benefits package with options to customize a plan so that it is best suited for each individual.

current job opportunities

Defense Travel
Management Office (DTMO)

The Travel Assistance Center (TAC) can be contacted by calling 1-888-Help1Go (888-435-7146) or by submitting a help desk ticket through the Tickets section of Travel Explorer (TraX).

1-888-Help1Go | 888-435-7146

Travelers are encouraged to contact their local help desk or use the self-help resources in the Knowledge Center at prior to contacting the TAC.

GMAT provides all of North Texas and the Dallas Metroplex area with appointment scheduled DoD passenger transportation.


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