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G&M Automotive Transport will provide the most dependable transportation of the highest quality and value with direct focus on meeting the needs of our customers and will respond to customers with promptness, sensitivity and always with integrity.

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EMT Driver

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Administers efficient rapid, quality care and transport to critically ill or injured patients in a dynamic and demanding environment.

  • Performs patient assessments and evaluations effectively and promptly, and institutes treatment plans that are prioritized appropriately and are within the scope of care guidelines as set forth by the Texas Department of Health.
  • Continuously evaluates the status of patients to monitor the effectiveness of interventions, and revises treatment plans promptly and effectively, as necessary according to the changing needs of patients.
  • Always responds quickly to patients' request for assistance with personal hygiene needs.
  • Documents and organizes patient care information accurately and thoroughly, with no more than 5% of service reports returned for completion.
  • Operates ambulance in a safe and appropriate manner at all times.
  • Always completes daily check list for assigned ambulance.
  • Always changes cot linen and removes waste, dirt and trash at the completion of each run.
  • Notifies the appropriate personnel immediately when required supplies and equipment are not available for stocking the unit.
  • Helps to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the cleaning, sleeping and crew quarter areas on a regular basis.
  • Performs daily tasks necessary to keep the ambulance bay clean and safe from hazards.
  • Takes responsibility to understand and complete professional and technical requirements and provide Scott & White with the necessary documentation on such requirements.
  • Performs other position appropriate duties as required in a competent, professional and courteous manner.


  • High school diploma may include specialized or vocational courses.
  • Basic Trauma Life Support or Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support course required. Earned Instructor status preferred.
  • A valid Texas Driver's License required.
  • Current Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification preferred.
  • One to two years experience preferred.
  • EMS related experience preferred.


  • Experience: Minimum/No Experience
  • Degree: H. S. Graduate/GED Equivalent
  • License/Certificate: Basic Cardiac Life Support Emerg Med Tech, Basic Texas Drivers License



Rewarding talent and dedication

G&M Automotive Transport realizes that hard work needs to be recognized and rewarded. We show our appreciation by offering competitive compensation and a complete benefits package with options to customize a plan so that it is best suited for each individual.

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Regardless of the service that you choose, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance which exceeds state requirements
  • Certified trained personnel to insure the safe and proper transfer of patients with various medical history
  • Staff who understand the necessity of maintaining patient confidentiality (HIPPA)
  • Drivers attend annual National Safety Council defensive drivers training
  • Professional and polite personnel with picture identification
  • All vehicles have tracking devices linked to our command center via GPS
  • All vehicles are part of a comprehensive maintenance plan
  • Continuous maintenance and support of patients on oxygen
  • The assurance that we arrive on time, every time

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